3 Ways a TV Interview Can Help More than Just Your PR Presence

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Securing a TV interview can be an exciting time for a financial professional. A TV placement provides you with a visual component that can be leveraged in a number of ways – from including it on your Youtube channel, to showing the clip at a client or prospect event, to creating a media reel to display in your lobby or office. But aside from the public relations benefits a TV interview can provide, your on-camera experience can also lead to multiple other perks. Here are just a few:

Improves public speaking

Participating in a television interview provides you with a great opportunity to practice your public speaking skills. Whether it be live or recorded, a television interview forces you to practice the same skills that you would for a speech or presentation. When preparing for a TV interview, much like you would a speech or presentation, you should practice the tone, pace and delivery. With regular TV appearances, you’ll notice you will begin to develop your own personal style as you fine-tune your speaking skills. The added bonus to TV interviews is that you’re guaranteed to have a recording that you can watch back, allowing you to study and note the areas where you can improve.

Develops clear, concise messaging

When a client asks you a question about a particular financial service, strategy or philosophy, do you ever find yourself struggling to provide a concise enough answer that not only provides clarity but also keeps it brief enough that you don’t over-complicate the discussion? During live TV interviews, you often only have 2-3 minutes to share your insight. Even if your TV interview is recorded, reporters look for 8-10 sound bites to use for their story; therefore, your insight must be clear and concise. Due to the complex nature surrounding the financial services industry, many financial professionals find themselves being long-winded when asked to explain a particular service, strategy or philosophy.

I’ve been told by many financial professionals that after conducting a few TV interviews, they learn how to describe their financial planning services and investment philosophies in such a way that their client grasps the concept much quicker and with better understanding. For more information on how to develop talking points, check out Talking Points 101.   

A better understanding of your nonverbal signals

Nonverbal communication can often time be overlooked even though it can have a dramatic impact on your success in sales and as a business owner. Unfortunately, many of us are completely unaware of the non-verbal messages we are sending, whether it be during TV interviews, public speeches or even client meetings.

Again, since TV interviews provide you with a copy that you can study and analyze, you’re able to take note of areas where you can improve. From a nervous twitch like tapping your foot or pen to poor posture and slouching to facial expressions and engagement, studying your nonverbal cues can significantly help you improve the impression you leave on your clients and prospects. For additional insight on how to improve your nonverbal cues and posture, check out Posture Perfect: How Posture Impacts Your Media Presence.

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