5 Tips for Leveraging Web Videos

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Leverage web videosWeb videos can be extremely beneficial to your marketing campaign. In today’s world, there are many people who would prefer to watch a video than read text. The best way to reach the most people is by incorporating both into your website and social media pages. Creating videos is not enough, though. You must also leverage them so you can reach more people. Use these tips to leverage your web videos and get a better return on your investment.

  1. Include Technical Information in Your Tagging. When creating web videos, you have the option of creating tags that will help people find them in searches. These tags work in a similar way to a Google search, or the tags on your website. If you leave off these tags, you run the risk of decreased visibility, which is not the goal of your videos. Determine the best tags for your videos and include technical information to reach more people instead of just basic tags. The more your tags stand out, the more your video will be visible.
  2. Create a YouTube Channel. If you are making web videos, you should consider creating a YouTube channel so you can keep track of them, as well as their performance. YouTube has many different kinds of metrics available to monitor how well a video is performing. You can see how many times it has been viewed as well as how many people are sharing it with others. YouTube Help will show you how to create a YouTube channel.
  3. Embed your Videos on your Website. Putting your videos on your YouTube channel is not enough. You also need to put your videos in other locations to increase their reach. For some videos, putting them on your website is best. By putting them on your website, the people that come visit your website will be able to view them without leaving. These website visitors would not be able to your web videos on your YouTube channel unless they went to a separate website. You want to make viewing your videos as easy as possible by embedding them on your website where they are appropriate.
  4. Add Links to Other Resources. In the description of the videos, you should include links to your other digital marketing avenues. This reinforces the likelihood that people who find your video organically will go to one of your other social media sites or website. This easily provides them with more access to your business.
  5. Post Videos on Social Media. Social media is a very powerful marketing outlet when used the right way. Each social media platform is different, but you will find that each can be very beneficial. You not only want to provide links to these platforms in your video description or YouTube channel, but you also want to post your video directly on these profiles. This will increase your video visibility and can lead to potential extended marketing reach for additional posts as well.

Using these methods will help you your web videos reach more potential clients. By incorporating all of these tips into your standard practices, more people will view your videos and share them with friends and create a broader reach. These simple methods could be the difference in being successful or not when distributing your web videos.

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