5 ways PR can build your business

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For many advisors, media interviews are a thrilling experience.

Business growthThere is a euphoria that comes from nailing a TV interview and a level of satisfaction in being the “go-to resource” on a financial topic… and not your competitor.

But PR comes with more than just immediate gratification – it can have a long-term impact, one that can consistently improve the performance of your other marketing initiatives.

PR is like the marketing wonder drug… If you want to…

Improve your visibility? Check.

Establish credibility with a third party validation? Check.

Build your search results on the Internet? Yep.

Position yourself as the authority on your topics of specialization? Check that one too.

Become more likable and trustworthy by your target clients? Check. Check. It can do that too.

Traditional public relations (i.e. EARNED media, not paid for media or owned media) can work to accomplish all of those benefits and more.

Here are the top 5 things that positive PR can do for you.

1. Integrates your messages into content that your prospects are already turning to.

Why do people turn on the news or read a newspaper or financial news website?

For the clever commercials or colorful ads? No, for the content. They’re there to watch the news segments or read the articles. If your message is included in that content, you’re getting the exposure along with the association that you’re the expert on the subject. And it’s targeted. Do people read content that isn’t of interest to them? Likely not. PR gets your message in the content that’s being read by your ideal clients.

2. Establishes you as the expert and authority on a topic.

If you’re a retirement advisor who is interviewed on retirement income distribution strategies; then you must be what? You’re the authority on the topic. The media outlet has vetted you and confirmed that your insight on the topic was valuable enough to include in the content. Unlike advertising where you’re telling people you’re the expert on retirement income distribution, PR gives you the opportunity to show that you’re the authority.

3. Creates immediate exposure and builds lasting credibility.

Yes, you will be in the “news” for one day, but that single experience can live on in perpetuity. PR placements don’t expire and they can’t be taken away from you. Once they happen, they’re here to stay and you can continue to reference that placement for years to come. I have a client who was on Neal Cavuto 15 years ago, and he still talks about it, and it’s still impressive. For eternity you can say you were featured here…

4. Creates likability and builds trust.

Yes, it can do this for you too. For example, if you’re on TV or have a contributing article in your local paper, you are able to share your personality and thought process with the viewers and readers. People become familiar with you without ever actually meeting you, and form an opinion on if they like you and trust you before they step foot in your door.

Again, if media has vetted you enough to use your “expert insight” in their reporting, a prospective client sees you as an expert too.

5. Adds to your searchability on the Internet (organic SEO).

Do you conduct a Google search before seeing a new doctor, mechanic or even going to a restaurant for the first time? Sure, and so do your prospective clients before agreeing to a first appointment with you. A major benefit of PR is that everything you do through the traditional media outlet ends up online. If someone does a search, each one of your media interviews will more than likely come up in a search too. And media outlets, because they’re widely viewed, tend to be some of the first listings to come up in a search. Unfortunately, the same is not true for advertising or advertorials; you would need to pay separately for those. So how does PR enhance your current marketing activities? It doesn’t require heavy lifting — with little effort these placements can be leveraged over and over. You can include this information in your marketing materials such as your bio, website and other written correspondence; you can display your media successes through video reels in your office or at the opening of a workshop or client events. The opportunities to leverage PR are vast and ongoing, and can make whatever else you do to market your business that much more effective.

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