A New Year for AdvisorPR

Marketing, Public Relations

Happy New YearIt’s that time again… January always brings a new sense of motivation and dedication to get things done in the new year. I get inspired by the advisors who call us wanting to “take their business to the next level” this year and subsequently commit to a new and improved branding or marketing strategy. I admire their willingness to change to improve their business and I’m glad we’re able to help them accomplish their goals. So this year, I’m going to follow my clients’ lead and work to make some changes to improve the business offerings of AdvisorPR.

You’ll notice a few things that we’ve already done… a new website and a blog! I hope these two platforms make it easier for you to get to know us and what we do for you. But there are more changes on the way! We’re just about done packaging some of our most popular offerings so advisors can simply pick and choose what they need and want, and get one flat rate for the creative services necessary to make it happen. We’re also working on a 12-step program for advisors to become better-branded, highly-promoted and extremely organized in their marketing approaches. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new program this year!

I wish you all nothing but outrageous success in 2013.

— Alana

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