Addressing Uncertainty About Social Security


Typewriter Detailed Macro Closeup Typing Text Latest NewsWith sequestration upon us and budget negotiations around the corner, Social Security is on the mind. Many are wondering if all the debate about federal spending and budget deficits will lead to cuts in the benefit so many retirees count on. Our “In the News” PR campaign for Q1 2013 addresses the uncertainty and misinformation surrounding Social Security. Our advisors break down the facts about the longevity of the program, how changes to the way COLA is calculated could impact today’s retirees, the impact of sequestration on the program and much more. The campaign gives advisors the opportunity to provide guidance to their communities on how current and future retirees should prepare for a financially stable retirement. If you are interested in discussing this important issue with your local media and community, contact us to learn more about our “In the News” program.

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