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We get financial advisors in the news.

AdvisorPR offers turnkey PR programs that work to get financial advisors consistent, credible, on-topic media exposure.

Choose from our 3 programs below to select the reach, format and frequency of media interviews that’s right for you!

Elevate your image as a trusted national news resource with AdvisorPR’s Media Blitz Program

Earn Editorial Coverage in National Print & Online Media Outlets

Whether new to working with the media or a seasoned pro looking to refresh or maintain your media presence, the Media Blitz PR program can help to solidify your position as a trusted financial professional. This turnkey PR program works to secure one earned media interview per month on topics tied to your financial expertise, building your professional profile and online presence while consistently providing earned media content to leverage with your clients, prospects, and centers of influence.


  • Turnkey PR program focused on results
  • 1 interview opportunity per month with national print or online news media on topics tied to your expertise
  • Media one-pager for use in PR outreach
  • Media outreach, interview coordination and media coaching
  • Tracking and securing copies or links of your placements once published, each delivered with sample social media language to use to promote
  • PR value guides to help you deliver strong media interviews and how to leverage your media successes best

Level up your professional profile with AdvisorPR’s In The News PR Program

Earned Media + National Platforms + Local Market Visibility = Next Level Credibility

AdvisorPR In The News ProgramThe In the News PR Program helps financial advisors simultaneously establish credibility by working with news media and increase visibility through consistent, targeted local and national media exposure. Both drive organic search engine results and work to establish you as a leading authority on today’s most pressing financial topics and questions.

This turnkey program works to deliver an average of two earned media placements per month on topics directly tied to your expertise as it relates to the demographic or geographic markets you serve. Effectively and repeatedly establish your authority as a qualified and knowledgeable financial professional by integrating your messages into the editorial content of newspapers, magazines, podcasts, local television news programs, radio shows and digital news sites.

  • Turnkey program for local & national media outreach
  • 2 confirmed interview opportunities per month with media outlets, formats and topic angles varying from month to month
  • Comprehensive media materials to highlight your expertise and position you as the go-to resource
  • Local and national media outreach, interview coordination and media coaching as needed

Your business. Your brilliance. Front & Center with AdvisorPR’s Spotlight PR Program

Illuminate Your Image. Magnify Your Message. Solidify Your Brand.

Qualified advisor teams can earn consistent media exposure rooted in a strategically designed brand-building plan and further promoted through enhanced placement leveraging strategies. Increases the likelihood of your firm being found when and where prospective clients are looking with AdvisorPR’s Spotlight PR Program.

This turnkey program delivers an average of three media placements per month, incorporating all forms of earned media, including traditional, online, digital, multimedia and non-traditional platforms throughout your local or niche market, industry and national media outlets. By incorporating a diverse range of media platforms, highlighting a wide variety of interview topics, and at an expedited frequency, your brand will be amplified and solidified at an accelerated pace.

  • Turnkey program that works to strategize, develop and build your brand through the media at an expedited pace
  • 3 secured media opportunities per month in the form of national, industry, new media and the option to focus on your local or targeted niche media
  • Brand consulting & strategy planning upon enrollment with desired positioning integrated into the media plan and materials
  • Expansive, in-depth media materials showcasing your unique brand & professional expertise, delivered in multiple formats
  • Proactive 12-month media plan to reach your desired brand and media goals, including steps to become “broadcast ready” for top-tier national TV
  • 5 to 7 media story concepts aligned with your expertise delivered monthly for review & approval
  • Media outreach, interview coordination, media coaching & traditional publicist services
  • Copies of your placements with high-impact leveraging support, including customized content for social media & database communications
  • Robust advisor resources on interview, placement leveraging, and content marketing strategies
  • Digital placement portfolio showcasing your media successes delivered after 6 months of active PR outreach and updated quarterly
  • Quarterly strategic brand assessment & alignment planning meetings

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