ATTENTION! Get Yours Now! 3 Ways to Attract the Attention You Deserve


For financial advisors, the struggle is real…. Standing out in a crowded marketplace is anything but easy. With hundreds, and in some markets, thousands, of financial service professionals vying for the same clients, how can you set yourself apart? How do you best position and present yourself as the most trustworthy, knowledgeable and in-demand professional in your community?  A “follow the crowd” approach to marketing will never accomplish this goal.  An advisor who runs with the pack rather than leads it will likely only attract the “why not” client – this type of person, while perhaps profitable in volume, isn’t the “big fish” who methodically researches their chosen service provider and who you likely want to reel in. They have a lot of money and are savvier than a smaller investor – they need to make sure who they chose to manage that money is up for the task.

So how do you get seen, heard and hired by the people you really want to work with? Here are three ways to garner the attention you deserve and build your trustworthiness, exposure, credibility and the perception of being “in demand”!

  1. Claim what’s yours. The digital world operates much differently than the “real” world – and for a fraction of the cost. In the real world, if you wanted to be seen and heard by your ideal client, you could buy a billboard on every corner in town with the hopes that your ideal prospective client might be looking. Not really feasible (and very expensive!). But in the digital world, when a person does a search on Google, the search results they receive are very targeted. Google determines applicable results for a user based on location and search history, among other things. As Google puts it…

“These ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what it is you are looking for and what information to return to you…Information such as your location, past search history and Search settings all help us to tailor your results to what is most useful and relevant for you in that moment.”

So make sure you’re there in prominent view when your ideal clients conduct their searches. At a minimum, and as the first step for many, claim your Google My Business listing which gets your company highlighted on the Google map. When a user in your area searches for a financial advisor on Google, the map is one of the first things to appear. Google has essentially given you the ability to rank higher in relevant search results and the reigns to determine what searchers see when it comes to your business. It’s a simple process and highly effective way to get your business listed. This blog by twenty over ten (a website development partner of AdvisorPR) will tell you exactly how to make it happen.

  1. Show, don’t tell. A billboard will never be as effective as a referral from a trusted friend or professional. And an ad will never be as effective in communicating the value you provide as an editorial. If you want to boost your authority and credibility, public relations needs to be an important part of the mix. What person wouldn’t like telling their country club golf buddies that their long-time advisor was on CNBC yesterday discussing the market, or in the local paper talking about how the tax code changes will affect those in the local area. They love to work with people who know what they’re talking about, are sourced for information by credible outlets and who, in essence, they can be proud to call their own. PR gives you the opportunity to truly show what you can do– you’re not just telling people that you help with asset management or retirement, but actually providing a window into how you can help them. No other tactic gives you the opportunity to shine quite like this.

Plus, back to point #1; being a part of a media story builds your authority on the web. So, if that country club buddy goes back and searches your name on the internet – your CNBC interview, local column and everything else you’ve done with the media comes up in the search (and they can find your location if you claimed your business with Google as well.) This SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit is exclusive to PR. Unless you “pay per click” for an ad or advertorial, any form of paid advertising will not come up in a google search.

  1. Take the praise. Time and again we see industry media outlets extend deadlines for nominations of industry awards. Why? Likely because there aren’t enough people being nominated – hence the extension.  Advisors who aren’t taking full advantage of industry, national and local award opportunities are missing a significant opportunity to be acknowledged for the impact they are making on their clients, community or charitable cause. I’ve had clients win “advisor of the year” or “40 under 40” with industry and local business journals, and this acknowledgment becomes a cornerstone of their marketing communications strategy going forward. Even making the Inc. 5000 list is a huge accomplishment that can be leveraged in your marketing. When a third-party acknowledges you as a credible and qualified advisor and honors you with an esteemed award (and you leverage it), it gets noticed. Don’t be humble – get your team looking for awards that you could qualify for and get those nomination forms submitted.

These are just a few fast start ideas to help you get the attention you deserve. Get seen, get heard and get hired – and you can always get help for any of the above from AdvisorPR.

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