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Unlocking Content: 7 easy strategies for awesome results

Alana Kohl is featured in Aspire Magazine, providing seven strategies for effective and efficient content marketing including: Transcriptions Blog posts Social media snippets Newsletter nuggets And notes the below bonus strategies: Expand content into an eBook or whitepaper Multiply the delivery method "Processize" your insights Read the full article to discover how to implement these...

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Assessing Your Brand: Go Undercover to Get Ahead with Alana Kohl

Alana Kohl joins Lara Galloway of White Glove to emphasize the crucial need for advisors to periodically assess their brands, giving an honest evaluation of their reputations. Alana covers key aspects, including the three components essential for building a shareable brand, conducting a thorough analysis of competitors' marketing efforts, highlighting the importance of brand differentiation,...

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Positive PR for a Better Business and World with Alana Kohl

Alana Kohl is a guest on "The Game with Sarano and Brooke Kelley," where she delves into the significance of public relations in business ventures. Engaging with a PR company can be advantageous for anyone seeking visibility within their target audience's daily content consumption. Alana helps address prevalent misconceptions surrounding brand-building, the advantages of PR,...

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Helping Financial Professionals Stand Apart With Alana Kohl

Alana Kohl joins Tom Lamendola, Chief Marketing Officer for Financial Independence Group, to discuss how AdvisorPR helps financial advisors develop their brand, create and curate content for their clients, and serve the marketing communications needs of financial services professionals. Listen Now

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