DIY PR: Explore the Types of Media Opportunities


Picking Your Press Opportunities

DIY Green Blue Comment SymbolThere are a lot of opportunities to work with the media.

We’re proponents for starting PR in your local community. Local media is great for building your brand and reputation in your community and for getting you in front of people that you can likely assist. If interested in working with the media in your area and want to do it yourself, my suggestion is to start small. Explore your local TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and Internet news sites. Pick your top 3 to 5 local outlets and then become a student of their platform. Every media outlet has several different ways you can contribute. I suggest you subscribe to the paper or magazine you want to work with and record the TV or radio news programs that you would like to appear. Review these outlets religiously until you become familiar with the sections or segments, writers and various opportunities that you would bring value.

When exploring these outlets, here is a list of potential opportunities to look out for that you could pursue:

  • Contributing articles
  • In studio TV interview
  • Sourced in an article on a financial topic
  • In office TV interview
  • Community feature
  • Financial makeover/profile
  • Radio interview
  • Blogging opportunities
  • Business listing
  • Recurring column
  • Sit-down talk show
  • Cover story
  • Executive profile
  • Movers & shakers
  • Award opportunities
  • Event photos and captions

Of the 3 to 5 outlets you picked, determine the ones that truly apply to you and would benefit from your type of expertise. And then craft your pitch accordingly.

For example, your community publications may cover company news announcements such as a new hire, attending a continuing education class or acquiring a new designation, opening a new office location, or hosting an upcoming event, to name few. Financial media on the other hand cover the local angle of national news stories or tie-ins to calendar based events. They may want a contributing article from you on what news means to residents in the local community or may even invite you to sit down with them for an interview. My personal advice is to explore all types of opportunities and aim to experience as many different types as possible to see what you are most comfortable with doing. Know your strengths in PR. If speaking on camera isn’t your forte, seek more contributing article opportunities. If writing isn’t your thing, focus on working with print journalists who regularly report on financial topics.

Yes, there is a lot that goes into creating positive PR for yourself and your business. But done correctly, the pay offs can be enormous.

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