Elementality Podcast Guest Alana Kohl: Stand Out From the Advisor Crowd

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Alana Kohl for Elements
Hosted By: Reese Harper of Dentist Advisors

In this week’s episode of Elementality, Reese Harper brings in Alana Kohl, founder, and president of AdvisorPR, to talk about marketing communications for financial advisors. They discuss the key components of good marketing, strategies for differentiating yourself in a “me too” market, and all-too-common advisor mistakes. Alana also outlines her four-step process for pulling the pieces into a cohesive whole.

What People Are Saying:
“I wanted to reach out to your team as much of the conversation during the podcast truly spoke to me on a pretty deep level. I deeply feel that the type of work you perform w/ clients is exactly the sort of help I need on the RIA side to build the practice I aim to build.”


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