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Branding, Marketing, Public Relations

Why Choose an Industry-Specific Marketing and PR Firm: The value in working with a firm that knows your business

Marketing plans are in the air. Since the start of the New Year we’ve had a lot of interest from advisors nationwide to help strategize their branding, marketing and PR goals. One common question we hear from advisors is why should they work with us instead of a marketing firm located in their city. Other...

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Branding, Marketing, Public Relations

5 ways PR can build your business

For many advisors, media interviews are a thrilling experience. There is a euphoria that comes from nailing a TV interview and a level of satisfaction in being the “go-to resource” on a financial topic… and not your competitor. But PR comes with more than just immediate gratification – it can have a long-term impact, one...

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Public Relations

Do It Yourself Public Relations vs. Hiring the Experts

How to decide which approach is right for your business... Public relations, or the process of seeking media placements in targeted outlets, can be as simple or as in depth as you want it to be. It all depends on the time you want to invest, the results you desire and the speed to which...

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Branding, Marketing

When to Insource Versus Outsource Your Financial Marketing

How to maximize your combined resources for the BEST results What to do or what not to do. That is always the question! It’s a common narrative by industry coaches to “pick the three things that only you can do, and delegate the rest!” But what happens when you delegate important “big stuff” to an...

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