How Do I Get Media to Attend My Event?

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4 Tips to Attract Media Attention

The holidays are approaching and that got me to thinking about parties. It’s a great time of year to celebrate and many financial advisors will be inviting their clients and prospective clients to a big annual event. It is a nice thing to do, and it’s a time where an advisor and their clients get to mingle in a different setting than usual, which can lead to stronger relationships.

We often get asked if it is possible to get media to attend or report on the event. Not a bad goal; however, this event was not conceived to be a “media event” so it lacks qualities that could make it attractive to media. What are those qualities that could make media more attracted to an event you ask? Here are four things to consider:

Open to the Public

A key component, especially if you want media to report about the event beforehand, is if the public can attend. It doesn’t matter if they have to pay to go to the event as long the media can offer this to their audience; it provides a bit more incentive when they can give their audience information that they can act on.

The Reason for the Event

Let’s face it—throwing a dinner for your loyal clients is not exactly newsworthy. But having other reasons connected to the dinner could be. One way could be connecting the event to a trend or calendar based event such as Financial Literacy Month. This could provide the media with a ready-made hook and questions to ask your leadership or attendee. Another way could be to celebrate a milestone in your organization, such as an anniversary or receiving a prestigious award. Also offering inside access to a speaker, award winner or celebrity guest can entice the media to attend.

Get Charitable

How about adding a charitable component to your event? Partnering with a local, reputable, well-loved charity can make all the difference. Not only will the media be more interested both about considering coverage pre-event and any impressive fundraising results post-event, but the community at large could see your firm in a different light; many in your community donate to the charity and could be more apt to award you their business through this positive association. (For more tips on maximizing your charitable impact and associated media coverage, check out my past blog on this topic.)

Who is attending?

Do you have a local celebrity or unique entertainment of some sort? Brainstorming a unique hook will not only interest media but will attract more attendees and generate lasting buzz among your influencers as well. Just be sure to check with your compliance first on any limitations on spending or endorsements that may be applicable.

These are just a few items to think about when trying to attract media. Before you add elements to your event really think about your goals. There is nothing wrong with having an event for your clients; after all, they are why your doors are open. Sometimes it is best to leave it simple. However, if you really have something to say and having the media there will be helpful for your message, then adding an element or two could make all the difference.

Remember, there is usually no shortage of people who want to be in the media, so it may as well be you rather than one of your competitors. If you need guidance in connecting your financial expertise with the media, contact AdvisorPR at (866) 888-5333 or email us at


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