How to Create High-Impact Surveys

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How to Create High Impact Surveys GraphicThere are many articles, white papers and blogs that explain the value of doing customer service surveys and the best ways to distribute content on any budget, including How to Effectively Survey Your Clients. However, there are fewer pieces that deliver insights into how and what you should be asking your clients to ensure the responses you receive add value to the financial services you deliver.

Length. Not many clients are going to be committed to filling out pages of information for you. You also may not have the resources to review that much data, so keep it concise. It is best to include a time estimate in the introduction or delivery of your survey so your clients know how long they are going to need to commit to your survey, and it should be between 3-5 minutes.

Format. Keep It Simple! Multiple choice or ranking questions are the easiest to review and complete. Your survey should be 2-4 high level multiple-choice questions that focus on main points of your business. Then you should always include an additional question or area for your clients to voice any concerns or praise. This is where you will learn the most from your survey.

Questions. Every business is different, so we can’t tell you exactly what your questions should be, but we can give you examples of quality questions.

  1. How do you feel about the quality of (one of your core competencies)?
  2. How would you rate your experience with (aspect of your customer service)?
  3. How would you rate the functionality of (service you may think is outdated)?
  4. What are your feelings about (new service or service you are considering implementing)?
  5. What changes would you like to see us implement?
  6. Please describe one of your most beneficial or favorite moments with us.
  7. What factors keep you coming back to do business with us?
  8. Where did you first hear about our company?
  9. How long after learning about our company did you contact our office?
  10. Please describe how our office makes you feel.

Surveys can be a great way to stay in contact with your clients and to ensure you are delivering services they value. They can also uncover significant industry or client trends. Simple questionnaires delivered regularly to your clients can help streamline your business strategy. Surveys are also a great opportunity for clients to voice their opinions without damaging your brand reputation and can provide insights to shape your future marketing efforts. Lend your clients an ear, and let them tell you their million-dollar ideas.

Surveys for professionals in the financial sector can help create a more targeted and effective marketing strategy. If your company’s marketing strategy could use a review call, AdvisorPR today at (866) 888-5333 or email us at

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