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Financial Podcasting Part 3

Once you develop your strategy and start recording your podcasts it’s time to build your audience and distribute your podcast. Use these guidelines to determine some simple ways to get more out of each podcast.

Write it out. Although one of the benefits of podcasting is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time at your keyboard, having some written content is important to increasing podcast listeners. Google doesn’t recognize audio content, so without written descriptions, your podcast will not show up in an organic search. You can decide to share some of the main topics, a podcast outline or type the full podcast either with your script you developed pre-show or by having the final production transcribed.

Tag your content. It is important to tag the web page your podcast is posted on, as well as define tags for podcast-sharing websites. When searching for a new podcast to listen to on iTunes and similar platforms, tags are an easy way for listeners to find content. We suggest utilizing three or four high-impact keywords for effectively tagging your podcasts for search. Keep these tags in a spreadsheet so you can revisit them with your next podcast. Although it is good to change some of the keywords based on the particular topic, there should be at least one consistent tag for all your podcasts.

Write a post. Social media distribution is key for getting new podcast listeners. Consider creating branded Facebook and Twitter accounts for your podcast or utilize your corporate accounts to spread the word about your podcast. Include promoting your podcast in your full social media strategy. Don’t simply post a new podcast, but tease any upcoming guests, increase awareness for the podcast, promote upcoming topics and share information about the host. Also, don’t forget the power of your personal social media network. Even if your family and friends don’t work in the same industry, someone will listen just because you are the host, capture every listener you can.

Create an email. Initial followers are the most difficult to obtain. With thousands of new podcasts being posted daily, it can be hard to break through the chatter. Email is a great way to connect with your personal network and let them know you are creating good content. Along with personal emails, links to your latest podcast should be included in your regular newsletter and email nurturing marketing materials. Much like publishing a book, be sure to develop a promotional campaign to build up anticipation prior to debuting your first show to increase chances of ranking on New Release lists.

Connect with podcasters. One of the greatest resources for engaging guests is other podcasts. Podcasters love to share their story and will often trade guest and hosting duties with interested, relevant parties. Reach out to podcasters with similar topics to help expand your audience. Commit some time to being interviewed for podcasts. Always stay true to your personality and be dynamic when you are on other shows. You never know; they may become regular listeners to your podcast.

Interact with fans. Although recorded podcasts don’t allow for live interactions, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your audience. Encourage listeners to submit topics or questions for future podcasts, and mention them by name or username when you answer their request. Listeners are much more engaged and connected to the podcast if they are personally involved. Don’t miss this great opportunity to connect with listeners.

Make an ad. Although everyone would prefer free options, it may be a good idea to put a little money behind promoting your podcast. Google AdWords and Facebook offer highly targeted, cost-effective options to reach your ideal audience. If you do decide to advertise, consider resizing your iTunes image to maintain consistency.

Starting a podcast is easy; creating an impactful podcast that reaches your right audience requires planning and time. If you need professional guidance on expanding the reach of your podcast or creating a new one as a part of your marketing strategy, contact AdvisorPR today at (866) 888-5333 or email us at Info@advisorpr.com.

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