Media Placement Highlight Reel: Leverage Your PR Placements Through Video


After accruing a fair amount of media placements, you may be wondering how you can best display your PR successes. While leveraging your placements on your website and social media is a crucial step to ensure you are making the most out of your PR efforts, there is another, more creative way to display your portfolio of placements: a media placement highlight reel.

A media placement highlight reel is a video montage of all the PR placements you’ve secured. It can include print, TV and online placements from local, national or industry publications. Displaying your media experience through a highlight reel can help demonstrate your credibility as a trusted financial professional, show your knowledge on a variety of financial related topics and provide countless examples of the type of advice you can provide your clients.

A placement highlight reel is different than a traditional media reel. While a media reel is typically used as a tool to display your on-camera abilities and shared with TV producers and reporters, a placement highlight reel is used as a marketing tool to leverage your PR efforts with your clients and prospects. (Check out my past blog, “Media Reel: What is it and why do I need one” to learn more)

How do use a media reel for your financial practice?

The following are just a few ways you can use your PR placement reel:

On your website – Ideally, you already have a news page on your website that features click-through links to all of your media placements. A placement reel is a great addition to that page, or it can also be a good feature to include on your biography or “about you” page. This way, when clients and prospects visit your site to learn more about you, they get more than just your standard bio – they get a feel for your personality, the type of topics you can speak to and your level of credibility through the media outlets that have featured you in their content.

In your lobby or at the office – Many advisors have a TV in their lobby that’s tuned-in to a financial or business news outlet like CNBC or FOX Business. But when a client or prospect is waiting for their appointment with you, is this providing the best possible first impression? Playing a placement reel in your lobby or waiting room is a great way to display your PR successes while also breaking down barriers with your clients and prospects. Instead of seeing the top news headlines of the day, how much more powerful is it for them to see the headlines of news articles where you’ve been quoted or the TV clips where you’ve been featured? They are more likely to enter their meeting with you with a better attitude and more confidence in your abilities after viewing your recent interviews and articles that show you as a go-to expert in your field.

At your workshops or other client events – Whether it’s playing while clients or prospects are filing into your event or you feature it at some point during your workshop presentation, utilizing your placement reel during these opportunities is another great way to leverage your media success. Many advisors are leery of “tooting their horn,” so instead of saying it yourself, why not let a video do the work for you? A visual component like this can be a great way to display your expertise and credibility without you actually having to say, “I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal discussing IRAs.” Start your presentation off with a bang or end on a powerful note by showing your ability to provide insight on the latest financial news.

On Social Media Platforms – Media placements provide great content for your social media pages. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, sharing a newspaper clip or TV interview on your social media channels not only provides your followers with timely news and updates, but it also lets them know the recent interviews you’ve participated in. In addition to posting your individual placements, you can also share a placement highlight reel as a “summary” of your recent PR activity. While this is especially fitting for YouTube, your placement reel can also work well on your other social platforms. Consider including the link to your reel in your Twitter or Facebook bio or include the reel in the media section on your LinkedIn. Also, by sharing your reel on social media, you get the added bonus of sharing it with members of media who check out your page – which may result in even more media placements in the future.

Do you need help developing a placement highlight reel? Let us know! AdvisorPR can help you create custom highlight reels that will leave a lasting impression. You can check out one of our placement highlight reel examples here. Contact AdvisorPR at (866) 888-5333 or today.

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