Media Reel: What is it and why do I need it?


Depending on the extent of your PR experience, you may or may not have heard of a media reel. Even if you have, you may not fully understand the purpose it serves and why you might need one.

So, here’s the details on media reels and why you may want to consider getting one:

What is a media reel?

A media reel is a short 3-5 minute video that displays your broadcast experience – typically TV appearances but can also include radio interviews, if necessary. A media reel can include a series of short soundbites, entire interviews or both. Ideally, these clips and interviews are pulled from your best appearances so that you’re providing producers with an eye-catching and engaging video. Media reels may also include some graphics or text to help inform the viewer of notable facts such as outlets you’ve appeared on or awards you’ve secured. Looking for a good analogy? A media reel is like a visual resume for your broadcast experience.

What purpose does it serve?

The primary goal of a media reel to help secure additional media placements. Often times, especially on the national level, producers require seeing a media reel before booking a guest. If you have a great on-camera presence, having a media reel on hand can go a long way in convincing a producer that they should book you for their show. A media reel can also give a producer a better idea about the type of topics you can speak to. Including soundbites on topics that focus on your expertise and even incorporating text that lists your preferred interview topics can let the producer know upfront which topics they can call on you for. 

Why would I need it as a financial professional?

Does the average financial professional need a media reel? Most likely not, but if you’re seriously looking to pursue television opportunities, you’re not the average financial professional. Aside from providing producers with a visual example of your interviewing skills, media reels can also show that you’re a seasoned media pro that understands what producers need. Think of it this way: let’s say a fellow financial advisor is vying for the same national television spot as you. When the producer asks for an interview example, you’re able to provide a polished, professional media reel while the other advisor simply sends a link to an old interview. Not only will your media reel show a broader range of appearances, but it will also prove this isn’t your first rodeo and you’re use to dealing with the media.

Who do I share it with?

Primarily television producers but television anchors/reporters, radio producers and other media may also see value in viewing your reel. There’s two main ways to share your reel: upfront within your media outreach materials or after a media contact requests an interview example. Media contacts tend to hate large email attachments, so load your video to a platform like YouTube where you can easily share the link. You can also share your media reel with your clients and prospects. While its main purpose is to help you earn more media opportunities, your reel can also be a great credibility builder to share with your database. 

How do I create one?

Gathering the footage is half the battle. If you already have all your previous appearances on hand, then it’s time to start editing. If you haven’t saved any of your old interviews, try reaching out to the outlets where you appeared to see if purchasing a clip is an option. There are also clipping services that can help track down your interviews and provide you with downloadable clips you can edit. Once you have all the footage on hand, it’s time to start editing. Start by going through each interview and make note of your best soundbites. Also, be sure to note which appearance you think best displays your on-camera presence and interview skills. Eventually, you’ll want to narrow down all this content to a 3-5 minute video.

Do you need help developing a media reel? Let us know! AdvisorPR can help you create custom media reels  that will leave a lasting impression. Contact AdvisorPR at (866) 888-5333 or today.

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