Overcoming Obstacles in Live TV Interview

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Camera in tv studioAppearing on television, whether it is on the local or national level, can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for anyone.  Appearing on live television, however, can be downright frightening for some. The comfort that comes with recorded interviews no longer exists and with the unpredictable nature of live television, many interview subjects can feel as if they are taking a gamble when going on live TV – and that just might be the reality.

Any news anchor or reporter will admit that when it comes to live television, you really never know what you’re going to get.  Even for the anchors and reporters that are in front of the camera each and every day, there is always a bit of uncertainty as to how a segment, interview, or show might go.

The good news is you can help make your live TV interview a success! There are a number of factors that can impact your live TV appearance.  The follow are some of the most common considerations to keep in mind when you book an appearance:

– Breaking news: This is most common reason for a change in plans in the world of live television.  If breaking news occurs prior to your interview, it can often times impact the time, length, or even subject of your interview.  On the bright side, you’ll typically have a few minutes to prepare for the change in plans.  However, breaking news can also occur during your interview, leaving you with no time to prepare or adjust accordingly.  Before going on a live interview, be familiar with current events as they relate to personal finance.

– Off-topic questions: This too can be common during live interviews and, with literally no time to prepare, can be one of the most stressful situations you can be in while sitting in front of a camera.  When dealing with complex financial related topics, these random questions can often arise simply because the anchor or reporter isn’t familiar with the topic. If they come your way, acknowledge the
question, provide background on the topic to the best of your abilities, and then circle back to how the question relates to the topics you specialize in.  Don’t make up answers on the fly; instead speak to your strengths.

– Last minute changes:  Whether it is time, location or topic, these changes can be unexpected and can throw you off your game.  You have to take these last minute hurdles in strides and understand that TV is fluid, and change like this is constant. Don’t let it distract you from the point at hand though, and that is to communicate your messages – no matter when or where or how that might be.

While this may seem intimidating, don’t let these unpredictable factors scare you away from television opportunities.  A live TV interview is one of the most sought-after PR opportunities due to its reach and impact.  As with anything, practice makes perfect and, after you get a few opportunities under your belt, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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