Resolutions for Your Financial Business’ Public Relations


It’s the beginning of a brand-new year and a great time to think about some New Year’s resolutions for your business. Yes, you are running out of time, so here at AdvisorPR, we put our heads together to help and came up with a few items that could get your public relations efforts off to a great start.

Hire a professional

This should sound familiar to a financial advisor.  As much as you tell people to hire a professional to help with their financial planning, the same can be said for your public relations. Hire a professional with industry-specific knowledge to help leverage you and your business’ expertise.

Planning can only make it better

Creating a plan for a client is a basic principle for a financial advisor. The same holds true for your public relations efforts. Just like putting some time in and preparing for your financial future, your business’ PR efforts can also benefit from some preparation.  Creating a PR plan at the beginning of the year helps to plan for calendar-based events which you would like to include in your PR outreach, such as fundraisers, retirement month, tax planning and milestones. Having a plan in advance provides you a better chance at success and allows for you to incorporate elements to attract the media.

Media training?

Are you looking to become a source? If so, are you confident you can give a great interview? Believe it or not, speaking to media is not as easy as it sounds. Learning the correct way to talk and the different types of interviews available will make you a more desirable source for the media. It is simple: If you make their jobs easier and provide relevant content/answers in an effective way captivating their audience, you can become their go-to person.

Media materials

Create/update your bio. Having a great bio that incorporates your major accomplishments and credentials can help secure media placements. Standing apart with a clear, competitive expertise can be the reason why media choose to use you as a source.

Leverage your success

Were you quoted in an article? Did you appear on TV? If so, what did you do with the placement? If you say nothing, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Have you announced that you were featured in an article on your social media sites? Did you let your clients know by email? There are many opportunities for leveraging a placement, but few fully take advantage.

The take away here is that similar to planning for your financial future, your business’ public relations efforts should also be well thought out rather than determined at the last minute as the potential for success is so much greater.

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