The Power of a Media Kit

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Close up view of the resume section and a penThe resume that will get you the job of expert media resource

We often get asked about the purpose of a media kit. A media kit is a collection of professional media materials that works to position you as an expert media resource. Consider the analogy of applying for a job. Just like you would present your prospective employer with a resume that showcases your work experience, education and accomplishments. A media kit gives the media the necessary information they need to consider you for the “job” of expert media resource. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t embark on any PR campaign without first creating your media kit.

1) It’s a Reason to Introduce Yourself

When you first start working with the media, your media kit will provide you (or your publicist) with the opportunity to formally introduce yourself and offer your availability as an expert financial resource. This is a non-intrusive way to build media relationships, showcase your expertise and open the door for publicity opportunities.

2) It Keeps You Top of Mind

A media kit includes your various topics of expertise and reasons why the media can call on you as a resource. Media, whether TV, print or radio, typically build editorial content around topics they are assigned. By providing the media your kit in advance, there is a high probability they will reference your kit when working on a story and contact you (unsolicited) when they need an expert resource on the topics you specialize in.

3) It Gives You the Ability to Provide Materials Upon Request

A media kit means that you have commonly requested materials available at your fingertips. Many journalists will ask for your bio, byline or boilerplate. If you can’t produce one or all of these items upon request, you immediately lose credibility, and perhaps the opportunity to work as an expert resource with the inquiring media representative.

Need a Recent Example?

Take a look at the following media placement that is a direct result of a media kit. Because RMDs were listed as a topic of expertise, our client was called upon as an expert resource for a feature article in his major local daily newspaper.

If you are serious about becoming an expert media resource, having a media kit is an important step in that process. This small investment in your publicity materials today has the opportunity to create great PR results for you and your business in the future.

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