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Web video graphicIn the financial industry, many concepts, services and products can seem incredibly complex. To the average consumer it may be difficult to decipher the jargon and comprehend financial terms we use everyday. Everyone has at some point lost interest or been intimidated by a huge block of text. Video can be a dynamic solution to the overbearing block of text that in the past may have been necessary to clarify convoluted financial terminology. Adding video to your digital, email and social marketing efforts is a simple way to help your clients understand your business and expertise. Take this opportunity to capitalize on the performance boosts video provides and make it a priority to get your content in the right hands at the right time.

Importance of Web Video. With all the marketing tools at your disposal, deciding to invest in video is crucial because of a human biology and behavioral tendencies. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, meaning your message can resonate instantly with your potential clients. This is immensely important when all you have is an instant to capture and hold the attention of a momentarily captive audience. Doing so effectively is often the difference between marketing campaigns with a 100x ROI and those that flop. Most videos perform best when intended to motivate a particular action in the short term, much like direct response copy. For that reason, Video is incredibly effective in email, and a report by Eyeview Digital tells us that incorporating video on a landing page can boost conversion by 80%.

Popular Types of Videos. Now that you have a better understanding of the role that video can play in your marketing mix, here are a few examples of the different types of web video you might want to consider.

  • Explainers. Explainer videos are intended to introduce a topic, often a product or service, in the simplest way possible. This type of web video can be especially useful for conveying complex financial topics. They may even fulfill the same purpose as the text on a website home page, but do by engaging your audience. The goal of explainer videos is to be snappy and to-the-point. You often have no more than 60 to 90 seconds to deliver this elevator pitch, so focus on ensuring these videos are extremely clear. Although explainer videos need to effectively explain, they also need to be entertaining. A little humor goes a long way in ensuring the viewer’s attention doesn’t wander, but be sure to maintain a balance so the humor doesn’t detract from the message.
  • Whiteboard. These web videos live in the same family tree as explainers, but have a very particular format. They’re created as though the viewer is watching a hand drawing on a whiteboard in real time, often sped up with audio narration rounding out the experience. For the same reason we like visuals, we like visuals even more as they unfold before our eyes, so whiteboard videos are phenomenal at keeping viewers engaged through the end of the message. One terrific example of an effective whiteboard video is the difference between brokers and fiduciaries. Its not only successful in its mission to educate, but went viral and has over 110,000 views on YouTube alone.
  • Corporate Video. These videos take a slightly different tone in that they’re all about introducing your company and team. It’s a chance to introduce your company’s mission while building trust by putting faces to your employees and humanizing your brand. Where explainer or whiteboard videos help introduce a concept or problem your clients are facing, corporate videos pivot more toward presenting your unique solution.

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