What is a “Drip Sequence” and Why Do You Need One?


Email Drip MarketingGenerating new customers in the financial industry is important to not only staying in business, but growing your business. It is no surprise that many financial advisors spend a considerable amount of time acquiring new leads. However, one major opportunity that is often overlooked is nurturing the leads that didn’t immediately decide to buy, but with time could become quality clients.

Reasons to Focus on Current Leads
Nurturing current leads can prompt eventual action. Simply because a lead does not respond to your initial calls or initial contact does not mean you should end your relationship with them. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Sometimes you have to contact your leads over several months to a year for them to be ready to take action. It is critical during this time to stay in their mind. Even if they are not ready now, they may be in a few months and if you have given up on them, their business will go to another financial advisor. Many people reach out to companies when they are interested in a product or service just so they have that correspondence available for reference later. Investing a little time in potential client relationships today can have a huge impact on your future bottom line.

How to Follow Up
If you have been in business for a while, you likely have many different leads that you could follow up on regularly. When you incorporate a drip campaign into your marketing strategy, you not only save time but you also stay in contact with your leads for much longer. This results in more conversions and a profitable business. One thing about a drip campaign that some financial advisors do not understand is that creating and maintaining a drip campaign will not take up all of your time. Once you have it set up, it is automatic and will work for you to contact your leads at the various time intervals you determine. This makes the process extremely simple and you do not have to spend a lot of your valuable time calling pages of leads. Your time is better spent elsewhere, which is why integrating a drip campaign could be ideal for your organization.

Developing a Drip Campaign
Most drip campaigns consist of emails automatically sending on specific days. You should start creating the content and messaging before deciding when it should reach your lead. Each email should focus on a specific aspect of your business. No two leads are alike; one lead may be interested in one of your services, while other leads may be drawn to other services. Showcase a variety of offers so they know how you can be beneficial to all of them. Your goal is to get them to respond and make an appointment with you. An ideal welcome drip campaign would last between 2-3 weeks and would consist of a welcome email as soon as they become a lead, emails with valuable content sent to them on days three, five, seven and 10, then a call-to-action email, and finally, a personal phone call from you. The first two to three weeks from when they have expressed interest are key to get a response while they are a “warm lead.” But even if they pass this window, less frequent, long-term communications can be effective as well.

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