Your Office Walls Just Got Bigger

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Steps to staying relevant while working remotely

Your four office walls didn’t get smaller. In fact, they got a lot bigger and now include the vastness of the internet. There is a lot more competition in your new virtual world that is also vying for your ideal client’s attention. To generate exposure and establish your trust and credibility, you need to think bigger. It’s time to make yourself stand out in a world where your office can no longer do the talking.

Many advisors pride themselves on a contemporary office space, equipped with the latest décor, beverage gadget and subtle references to your insurmountable credibility. Gone are these days… at least temporarily. While digital trends have been on the rise for years, this abrupt shift has quickly accelerated your ideal clients’ time and interest in adopting these new technologies. Now, you have to take your message to the virtual streets to improve your chances of being seen and heard by your ideal prospects.

So, what does brand-building look like in this new frontier?

Your website is the window into your world.

Advisors understand the importance of having a website, but just having one isn’t enough right now. It needs to be a reflection of who you are as a company, service provider and advisor. Unfortunately, if it’s dated and hard to navigate, that will be the impression a prospective client has about you and your ability to navigate this new world. How you look online is as important as what you say. If you can’t remember the last time you made an investment into your website, then you need to get started now. Here are five website must-haves to get you started.

Your Digital Storefront Policy (DSP) needs to be part of your digital communications.

Let your clients, prospects and community know how you’ve evolved to continue to offer your services and expertise in a safe and secure virtual format. For more tips on putting together your own Digital Storefront Policy, read our recent blog. Once you have a policy written, don’t forget to showcase this on your website for all visitors to find easily.

Your social media is an extension of your brand.

Many platforms allow you to update your hours and services while we’re all working from home. Remember to update this information on Google, Facebook and any other social media site relevant to you and your firm. Include your DSP on these pages as well with a link to learn more on your website. If you can show your network the ease in working with you remotely, many may take advantage of their new-found downtime to address the financial concerns that they have kept on the backburner for too long.

Communication is essential today.

You must be communicating with your clients and database of prospects to give them assurance and peace of mind that their advisor is still working hard on their behalf. Send your DSP to them and let them know if they have friends or family who could benefit from advice during this time, you’re available and would be happy to assist. People won’t know how well you’ve adjusted to the new normal unless you’re proactively telling them. Don’t be shy.

Think outside the box with where and how to share your message.

Face masks are literally the new walking billboard. With requirements of facemasks becoming the new standard in states across the country, help your clients feel protected while out and about. Sports teams, universities and major brands have started releasing their own line of facemasks. If you’re looking for a simple gift to provide your clients and prospects, (and particularly useful when they can reenter your office again), consider a branded face mask. Your company name, icon and a tagline or website should suffice, as long as it’s tastefully done. It really doesn’t get more literal than this – a walking billboard that works to protect your valued clients. It’s a win-win.

Keep your local media abreast of your changes to business practices and let them know that this means being a resource to them as well.

Media has drastically changed their policies for media interviews, most specifically TV, and are becoming more and more adept at conducting live interviews via Skype and Zoom. Let them know you’re still available to help them understand the financial impact of the current pandemic and any other ongoing news story as it applies to your expertise.

Establishing credibility in today’s environment requires you to make an extra effort to get your name out in whatever way possible. Public relations has always been an effective tool at establishing credibility, but with the limitations today as it relates to marketing and live meetings, it’s quickly become one of the only ways to continue to establish and promote credibility to a large audience. Remember that the world is living online now – a quick Google search of your name can be the difference in getting hired or getting ignored by your ideal prospect. Each media interview you participate in lands you and your name online and typically at the top of the search results.

As an added bonus, media is seeking an abundance of financial experts right now to advise on the wide spectrum of news stories that impact their readers, listeners and viewers’ savings and investments. Give yourself the opportunity to shine online by taking part in media relations. This third-party credibility via the media can be a huge catalyst in your continued success.

For help on these ideas and more tips for building your digital storefront, adapting your message and enhancing your credibility in today’s “new normal”, contact us today to discuss how we can be of help.

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