5-point Checklist For a Successful TV Interview

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What will I say? How do I practice? What will I wear? How do I calm my nerves? What do I do after the interview is over? These may be some of the thoughts running through your mind once you’ve secured a TV interview opportunity. Whether it be live or recorded, there are many steps you should take to make the most out of your interview, but it can be difficult navigating through all the must-do steps. To make life easier, here’s a 5-point checklist to help ensure you check every box.

  1. Talking points — Once your interview has been booked and you’ve been an assigned a topic, the first step you should take is to develop your talking points. Typically, this will include 3-5 tips or insight you will want to provide during the interview. Whether you provide these to the media outlet before the interview or not, creating these talking points will help you organize your thoughts and prioritize your tips. Your talking points shouldn’t be a detailed script of what you plan to say, but rather a bulleted or numbered list of thoughts that summarize the overall message you want to share.
  2. Media coaching session – Whether you have extensive TV experience or this is your first-ever appearance, a media coaching session can help ensure your on-camera skills are up-to-speed and polished for your interview. This is where working with a PR firm can be beneficial as this team of professionals can help walk you through interview prep practices. However, if you’re looking to prepare on your own, there are certain ways you can train yourself for your on-camera appearance. Check out my previous blog, DIY Media Training: Mastering TV Interviews, to find out how.
  3. An on-camera appropriate outfit — Next on your list: what to wear. While professional attire is a no-brainer, there are a few must-follow guidelines to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should avoid any bold or busy patterns. While some fine stripes or subtle patterns can work, strong or pronounced patterns can be distracting. The same can go for colors as well—bright or bold colors can wash you out and not be flattering, but it’s important to consider your skin tone and what’s complimentary to you. Typically, gem-tones like deep purples, dark greens, burgundies, and navy blues are universally flatting on most individuals and provide a nice pop of color on air.
  4. A positive attitude — Taking a deep breath to calm your nerves can be a lot easier said than done, but maintaining a positive attitude is a crucial step in a successful TV interview. Before you mic-up and begin your interview, remind yourself that you are the expert and the media asked to interview you for a reason. If you find yourself doubting your abilities, reflect on the time spent preparing for this interview. Knowing that you took the proper steps to prepare can help reduce your doubts and calm your nerves. If you need extra reassurance, consider taking a copy of your talking points with you so you can review them before going on air. You may also consider taking your publicist or hired PR pro with you as well, as they can provide last-minute reminders, review your talking points with you and even be a support system if needed.
  5. A copy or link to leverage the interview — When it’s all said and done, what do you have to show for your successful TV interview? Once it airs, you may think that is it, but you still have one more box to check off your list. You should secure both an online link and a downloadable clip of your interview. The online link can be leveraged on your website and social media so that your clients, prospects and followers can see your media success. The downloadable clip ensures that you always have a copy of your interview because links can often go dead over time. Plus, if you hope to eventually create a media reel or edit the clip in any way, owning a copy of the interview can help ensure you always have this option.

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