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How to Leave Behind a Lasting Impression Following Your Interview.

Talking points? Check!
Professional attire? Check!
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After preparing and conducting a successful interview, you may feel like your job is done, but what if there were a way to help secure yourself as an ongoing resource with the reporter you just interviewed with? There are several support materials you can provide a reporter once your interview is complete that can go a long way in establishing yourself as a reliable, credible financial resource and can ultimately lead to more interviews in the future.

When preparing for your next interview, consider gathering the following materials to offer the reporter before parting ways:

  1. Business Card – Handing out your business card is likely a standard process for you when meeting clients or fellow colleagues, but with all the excitement that comes with a media interview, sharing your contact information may slip your mind. Be sure to have your business card on hand and offer it to the reporter once the interview is over. Also, let them know that they can contact you with any follow-up questions they may have. Letting the reporter know that you’re willing to be available even after the interview is completed, shows you’re a reliable source that’s easily accessible.
  2. Whitepapers – If you have a whitepaper on hand that provides a summary of the topic you just interviewed on, be sure to have this ready to go before the interview as well. Often, when reporters return to their news rooms it can be difficult to accurately recall all the information you provided, especially if the topic is on a complex financial planning strategy or investment philosophy. Providing a whitepaper that captures the essence of your message in a simplistic way can not only help ensure the reporter delivers an accurate story, but it can also show the reporter the endless resources you have available to share with them.
  3. Pictures/Video – Whether you’re dealing with a TV or print reporter, media loves visuals. Financial stories often lack a visual component, but if you’re able to provide that to the media upfront, you can greatly increase your odds of gaining coverage. If you’re hoping to secure media coverage for a charity event, workshop or other event you’re hosting, be sure to capture either pictures or video that you can later share with the media. Even if they can’t attend the event, many TV stations or newspapers will still run a story if a visual component is provided to them. Providing a reporter with a visual component for their story shows that you understand their needs and are willing to provide them with the necessary materials to make their life easy.
  4. Examples – Are you interviewing for a story about tax season? Consider offering copies of a blank or fake tax return. Discussing the importance of estate planning? Be prepared with a mock estate plan. Examples such as these can only help provide the reporter with further clarification as they write their story, but can also provide another visual component, if needed. Regardless if the reporter says they will use it or not, be sure to only provide either a blank or fake financial document as an example.
  5. Book, Blog or Other Written Content – If you’ve written a book, blog or any other content that relates to the financial topic you’ve discussed, you can offer this to the reporter as well. Be sure to flag or highlight the most applicable areas. This too will show that you’re a great source that can provide additional information for the reporter to reference as they write this story—and any other potential stories that they may write in the future.

Keep in mind, even if your interview is conducted over-the-phone, you can still offer this information electronically. At the end of your interview, offer the reporter additional materials you have on hand and if they’re interested, find out the best way to share this information with them electronically.

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