Radio Marketing for Financial Advisors: Tapping Into Guest Brand Equity (Part 2)


On AirSo you have landed an author, community leader or other notable guest for your show—congratulations! This is the perfect opportunity for both of you to gain exposure to a new audience. Here’s how to make the most of this opportunity:

  • Pre-show
    • Request Images & a Short Bio Whether there is a logo, book cover, headshot or other imagery associated with your guest, graphics will gain significantly greater viewership than text alone when promoting your guest appearance online. Your guest will be more than happy to give you these tools to promote their business.
      • Add these to your website under upcoming guest appearances.
      • Send an announcement to your client and prospect database inviting them to listen to the broadcast.
      • Promote on your social networks
        Be sure to announce the time, topic and radio station and tag your guest leading up to your show on any of your active social networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Consider the following schedule:

        • Initial announcement: Upon booking the guest (if it is several weeks in advance)
        • One week prior (or whatever interval your show airs): ask followers to send in for questions for your guests through your website
        • One hour prior: a reminder for when and where to tune in
        • Following the show: where to catch the recording
        • NOTE: Be sure to tag your guest’s related profiles and pages to gain cross-promotion with their networks
  • During the Show
    • Take a photo (and maybe even video): Here again, visuals are best for social sharing. Capturing a quality digital photo take of you of your guests in the studio is a must.
  • Post-show
    • Add recordings online: Whether posting directly to iTunes, or through a podcast hosting service like – be sure to include catchy titles, keywords and guest names in your description for the search engines. Include these recording links on your website, social sites and email newsletters. You can also post to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon for added backlinking and SEO.
    • Send a link to your guest: Ask them to share on their blog, website and other social networks. Be sure to include any links, hashtags or handles to your social pages to be a part of the exposure.
    • Send a thank you: Especially if this is a guest you’d like to have back or continue building a partnership with, be sure to leave a great impression. Have the photo printed that was taken during your show to include in a handwritten thank you note. Who knows, you may even gain a spot on their wall for all their business guests to regularly see.
      • Bonus: Remember the Radio Website URL I said was so important in my last post? Go ahead and add that as a watermark to the bottom right corner to send those customers right to your site!

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